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Montréal Mix 2026

LGBTQ+ Square Dancing in Montréal

July 1-5, 2026

43rd IAGSDC Convention

Welcome to Montréal Mix 2026!

Montréal has won the bid to host the 43rd International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs annual convention and we can’t wait to welcome you to this amazing city on July 1-5, 2026!

Check back often as we continue to build an amazing square dance convention for you with amazing tours and merchandise.

The Venue

Dancing will take place at Le Centre Sheraton Montréal, in the heart of downtown Montréal.

Conveniently located with a short walk from the Metro (public transit) and just 2 miles from the iconic Gay Village, it promises to be your home away from home while you explore all that Montréal has to offer.

Callers Montage
Barry Clasper

Barry Clasper

Home: Toronto, Ontario

Michael Kellogg

Michael Kellogg

Home: Northridge, California

Michael Levy

Michael Levy

Home: San Francisco, California

Don Moger

Don Moger

Home: Montreal, Quebec

Sandie Bryant

Sandie Bryant

Home: Chicago, Illinois

Justin Russell

Justin Russell

Home: Memphis, Tennessee

Wendy VanderMeulen

Wendy VanderMuelen

Home: Ottawa, Ontario

Ett McAtee

Ett McAtee

Home: Severn, Maryland

Vic Ceder

Vic Ceder

Home: Los Olivos, California

Brian Crawford

 Brian Crawford

Home: Ottawa, Ontario

Ted Lizotte

 Ted Lizotte

Home: Manchester, New Hampshire

Dave Hutchinson

 Dave Hutchinson

Home: Marlbank, Ontario

Kris Jensen

Kris Jensen

Home: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Committee Montage
Paul Brulotte

Paul Brulotte, Treasurer

Home: Montreal, Québec

Paul lives in a suburb of Montréal and has years of experience as both

a square dancer and as a professional accountant. He will ensure our

books balance and every penny is accounted for.

Joel Smith

Joel Smith, Chair

Home: Ottawa, Ontario

Previously co-chair of the Ottawa 2023 convention, he brings tons of

experience working with people and negotiating contracts. His leadership

will ensure a convention experience like none other!

Marge Coahran

Marge Coahran, Secretary & Housing

Home: Toronto, Ontario

Marge comes to us with years of experience as a

dancer, as a caller and as lead organizer of multiple

fly-ins for her home club: the Toronto Triangle

Squares. She will make it her mission to make sure

your stay in Montréal will be pleasant and memorable.

Michael Helfgott

Michael Helfgott, Tours

Home: Washington, DC

Michael comes to us from the DC Lambda Squares. He brings

attention to detail and exuberance to the role of Tours coordinator.

He has made it his goal to provide the best tourist experience possible.

Louise Bissonnette

Louise Bissonnett, Social Media

Home: Ottawa, Ontario

Having been social media coordinator during

the Ottawa 2023 convention, Louise was the

one who provided us with informative and

interesting posts to brighten up our day. If

you’re not following us on Facebook and

Instagram, you’ll be missing out! (see links below)

J.M. Robichaud

J.M. Robichaud, Communications

Home: Ottawa, Ontario

Putting together informative newsletters and up-to-date

website content, J.M. will make sure that all the details

you need will be at your fingertips.

Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy, Registration

Home: Ottawa, Ontario

Having done an amazing job handling registration

for the Ottawa 2023 convention, Brian has agreed

to reprise his role for Montréal Mix 2026 and will

make sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish.

Lorna Irwin

Lorna Irwin, Food & Beverage

Home: Guelph, Ontario

Lore previously held the post of F&B coordinator for

the Toronto and Ottawa conventions and she will yet

again be taking on the role of ensuring our meals will

be top notch and on time.